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Planet Of The Apes DVD Scans

I took the time to scan all the planet of the apes DVD covers, I was too lazy to scan the original planet of the apes dvd cover, cuz then i'd have to take the insert out, but I did get a scan of the insert inside it, which is the "evolution" cover. I wasnt able to scan the 2001 POTA DVD cover because of the metallic surface on a portion of the cover. But I also scanned the insert that was inside it, which is pretty cool. Here they are:

If you have any questions or comments on these, or would like to persuade me to get my lazy ass off from whatever im doin and scann the original pota, DVD cover, then email me at -- If you have a planet of the apes site, you can also email that to and I'll be sure to put a link here to it.