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I was just gonna have each individual map for download, but like, idunno if i did that i'd want to put up images of each pic up, and that would take forever to load, and i mean FOREVER on a 56k, i mean 30 maps large enough to see what it looks like, yeh ... no. So yeh anyways im just gonna have a 2mb file to download, and any future maps i'll wait til i have a few, then just put up a 2nd update file. So you'll have the main map pack 1, then i'll put up a main map pack 2 etc etc etc and all that shit.

Now, I know what you're thinkin. You're thinkin "why the hell would i download a 2mb zip file full of maps, if I dont even know what they fucking look like before I download em? Well answer is, I'm gonna put up down below, a handful of maps that I particularly like, then you can decide if its worth it to download the whole 2mb file. I play team melee a lot so a lot of the 2 player maps are for team melee. All my maps have lots of minerals. Some ppl say thats CHEATING or NOT FUN or whatever else, but who cares, you dont like lots of minerals, go somewhere else. Now onto the maps > >







(4)DL - Map 001



Many more maps are included in the MapPack. Some are more simple, less quality, some are a bit better. If you end up liking some of these maps, lemme know and email me at So yeh, if you think they look stupid, or could be better, then make your own site, and make your own maps, and post em up, or go search google or something. I just put em up here cuz I've had much fun playing on them, and figure if ppl wanna dl em, then let them dl em. But for now, peace out, and enjoy!